Monday, October 3, 2011

I May Be In Deep Sh....

So training hasn't been quite up to snuff.  If fact I'm WAY undertrained and the race is in 5 days.  Just haven't been able to fit runs in, something always comes up (insert excuse here).  Here's my weekly mileage getting ready for HURT 100 compared to Oil Creek 100 leading up to each race:

Week #: HURT - Oil Creek
Week 9:   81 - 11
Week 8:   70 - 76
Week 7:   92 - 13
Week 6:   90 - 35
Week 5:   119 - 32
Week 4:   10 - 47
Week 3:   110 - 40
Week 2:   30 - 27
Total:      602 - 281

So in the last 8 weeks, I've averaged 31km per week.  Yikes.  Getting ready for HURT, I averaged 75km per week, not to mention all the stairs and way more strength training.  75km per week is low by most standards, 31km per week is just stupid.  Oh well, doing things the easy way just wouldn't be me.  I really have no idea how this is going to go.  Granted I did run races every few weeks in the summer, and I felt fine after 120km at DG two months ago, but I haven't done much since.  I did do a 50km race in week 8, hence the only week with decent numbers.  I really should get a treadmill so I can run when I have the kids.

My 9yr old son joined the cross country team last week, so we can get some little runs in here and there together now.  They have a loop they do, he said most kids struggled with 1 loop, he did 5!  The coach made him stop and take a drink after loop 4, only a few older kids ran farther.  The coach told all of the other teachers about it, so proud!

Back to my impending torture, I'll be hitching a ride down with some other runners, got a hotel near the start (5am).  Not sure what time we'll be back Sunday, hopefully in time for some Thanksgiving turkey!  I'll just be happy to finish this one.  Mentally, I'm ready to push through the expected pain and exhaustion, my biggest worry is injuring myself because my legs aren't used to the mileage.  I figure if I can finish this with such crappy-ass training, it'll be a big confidence booster for future races, where I'll train properly and try to do well instead of just finish.  We'll see!


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