Friday, May 11, 2012

Pick Your Poison

Well, not a whole lot to tell.  Got up really early, drove up to Horseshoe Valley, ran 50km of trail and up and down ski hills, drove home.  Here's a few details:

Wasn't planning to run very hard, Bear Mountain 50 mile is the following weekend so I'll save myself for that beast.  I ended up running the entire race start to finish with Chris.  Chris isn't running Bear this year, but he wasn't planning to go hard either so this worked out well..... or it would have if we stuck to the plan.

Started off at a decent pace, first few loops were easy, started to get tired on the 4th and final loop.  Chris said he was getting fatigued, as was I, but then he kept up a strong pace.  I said 'I thought you were fatigued?', he said he was but he didn't want the guy behind us to catch us.  I said 'That's called racing!'.  I think Chris has a problem.  Oh well, we kept up the pace and left Mr. Anonymous behind.  I would stop and eat at aid stations, Chris stuck to gels and kept running so I'd have to continually sprint to catch up if I stopped to grab food.  Great workout...

Finished about 40min faster than last year in 5hr 31min.  Loops were pretty consistant:
Loop 1: 1hr 18min
Loop 2: 1hr 21min
Loop 3: 1hr 25min
Loop 4: 1hr 26min

Went harder than we should have, I was pretty beat afterwards due to my usual lack of training, but this was also the first race of the season.  A smarter person would have hung back with Steve, he's running Bear with me the next weekend, he took his time and finished about an hour later in 6hr 30min or so.

Chris and Myself Post Race

Post race was fun, nice to see everyone for the first time this year.  Great meal served in a chalet, Steve brought beer to make it even better.  This race is always fun, great way to start the season.  Next up, Bear Mountain....


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