Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Still Lots of Time Until Mohican 100...Wha? 3 days!?!

Well this one crept up on me pretty fast.  My plan to up my training for a few weeks went out the window.  I've been busy with work and just not focusing on the race, now it's 3 days away.  I'll look into the race details tonight, don't know the course or logistics at all yet.  Just grabbed a hotel last week, at least that's done.  I didn't even know what town the race is near.

Mohican Trail 100 is in southern Ohio, that much I know.  My girlfriend will be joining me on the trip, she'll get her first glimpse of what I look like after running 100 miles, it ain't pretty.

And In This Corner...
Although training has been sub-par (as usual), I've been feeling pretty good...until yesterday, that is.  I went out for an easy 5k, but I made the stupid move of leaping over a short fence and I pulled my hamstring.  Not bad, but it's sore.  Did another easy 5k this morning, but it got very sore near the end.  I've been icing it, I'm just going to rest it for the next 2 days and hope it feels better Saturday.

Other than that, I've been getting the occasional longer run in, just not nearly as much as I should.  Been running with my 4lb dumbells on all trails, did a 40km with them last week, so I'm doing ok but just don't have the mileage I'd like.  I must be doing something right, I'm down 5lbs since Bear Mountain 5 weeks ago, now at 170.  I think I'm in better shape than I was for Oil Creek 100 (that's not saying much) and I managed to pull that off so I should be fine.

The Plan
Ahh yes, the uhh...plan.  Let's see.... I'm going to go with the same plan I used in my previous 100 milers: Plan A is to show up, start race and just get to the first aid station.  At that point I'll formulate a Plan B, which will likely be run to the next aid station.  Then Plan C is to repeat Plan B until I've run 100 miles.  Maybe I should write this down.

Possible Problems
Weather: Well, I'm told it's hot every year at this race (caused some friends to DNF last year). Just checked the forecast and this year is no different, currently has Saturday sunny with a humidex of 35 degrees.  I'll just make sure to drink lots and take lots of salt pills.

Nutrition: Last year apparently the food was sparce late in the race and when it was there is sucked.  There was also very little water.  Not much I can do, I'm just going to hope they've corrected things since last year.  I believe last year had new organizers so hopefully it was just a learning curve.  It's sponsored by North Face, I would hope the food is decent with a big sponsor (NF also sponsored Bear Mountain, food was ok there).  I'll bring lots of my favorite fruit cocktail cups and hope for the best.  There's usually lots of PBnJ, I'm fine with that.  I'll bring lots of gels, electrolyte pills and salt pills.

Motivation:  Yup, motivation.  Not usually a problem for me, but I am a little worried how I'll be in the wee hours of the morning after 20hrs or so when my feet are screaming at me to stop and I'm only running this race for the hell of it.  This is really just a training race for Leadville 100 in August.  I'm a little bummed some friends bailed and aren't joining me (they didn't really bail, I signed up without confirming with them).  They did 70 mile Laurel Highlands last weekend instead, which is a smarter move training for Leadville anyway.  So?  What ammo do I have for motivation?  Not much actually.  I prefer races to have some sort of challenge, something to get me fired up for it.  HURT 100 was easy to get up for, it's one of the toughest races in the world and it was my first 100.   Oil Creek's motivation came as a surprise.  It took getting lost and adding an extra 10 miles to the race to set me off.  Maybe not having any big motivating factors will actually be the challenge for this one.  We'll see.

Hamstring: This friggin thing better feel good by Saturday.

A Kick in the Ass
Pretty sure this race and the heat are going to kick my ass, but in the scheme of things training for Leadville, a kick in the ass is just what I need.  I still plan to finish, but I think this will be a well timed wake up call to get my ass in gear.  Leadville has seemed so far away, but it's just over 2 months from now.  My long term plan is to get through this and learn to what degree I'm actually sucking right now, take a short recovery period, then take my lesson learned and train like mad for Leadville for the final 7 weeks.  Great plan, but for now let me just get to Ohio and make it to that first aid station.


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