Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm All Outta Bubble Gum...

The title is better explained by Rowdy Roddy Piper:

Time to kick some ass!  Training is DONE (or lack of training some would point out).  I'm off to Leadville, Colorado to see how the altitude hits me.  Then, I'll see how the altitude hits me while running 100 miles.  I'm actually not worried about it (should I be?).  There's nothing more I can do, so no sense driving myself bonkers wondering if I'll feel great heading over a mountain at almost 13,000 feet, or if I'll want to curl up and roll back down...

Last week a bunch of us met up for dinner and drinks to go over some race details.  We had planned to do this a long time ago, finally got everyone (most of us) together 1 week before the race.  JD couldn't make it, he's busy cheating (by cheating I mean spending a few months in Arizona running at altitude).  Kendra was busy lifting heavy objects at Crossfit somewhere (I'm going to see if she'll carry my luggage as her final training).  It was great sharing info and plans.  Carlos and Chris have been reading lots, but I don't think Steve even knows what state the race is located in.


Hamstring - I pulled it playing soccer 3 weeks ago now, still sore.  I'm skipping soccer this week to avoid hurting it more or causing any other injuries.  I'm using a hand roller on it every night to massage it and stretching it plenty, but I do expect it to be a little sore for the race.  If it's anything like it was at Mohican 100, it will hurt for awhile but then everything else will hurt so bad that I won't notice it anymore.

Altitude - No way to know until I get there.  Been taking vitamins daily for almost a month (B12, B6, vitamin C, folic acid, multi-vitamin) so hopefully I've built up enough red blood cells to keep me from feeling exhausted getting out of a car.

Hope Pass - Climbing up and over Hope Pass (twice) can make or break this thing.  Ascending 3000 feet over about 3 miles each time won't be fun, but I've done my share of stair climbs and hills with weights to get ready.  Plus I'm down to 166 lbs (one poop away from 165 goal).  I'm down 12 pounds since January's 178 (when I signed up); and even 9 pounds since Bear Mountain 50 Mile in May 3 months ago.  Fuck you hill.

Headlamp - Don't ask.  Still haven't found the stupid thing since I took it with me camping last month.  Looks like I'll have to purchase a new one.  I'm sure right after I've used the new one and scratched it, the old one will fall and hit me in the head when I open a closet or something.

This Week

On Sunday, I ran with my 10yr old son for his first race, had a great time!  Erica's Wish, a race in Erindale Park in Mississauga for kids with cancer.  He did great, finished in 28min 45sec!  60th place out of 250.  Other than a sip of Gatorade at each of the 2 aid stations, he never stopped.  Just as impressive was my 8yr old daughter, she did the 1km kids fun run.  She finished in 6th place out of about 50 kids, including boys and older kids, about 4min 30 seconds!  Awesome, so proud of them both.  Not bad for their first race!

After the 5k race, I headed out for a slow and easy 12km.  Next I'll do a little running this week (very little) and that's it.  I'll try to get a decent amount of sleep this week, but it never happens.  I arrive Thursday evening, won't get to Leadville hotel until after 9pm (11pm EST), so I'll try to get some sleep that night.  Friday night is a write off, race starts at 4am so I'll be up by 2am or so.  I'm already looking forward to a nap on Sunday!

So, let's go get this thing done, 'cause I'm all outta bubble gum!




  1. you should get the kids to pace you...whomever finishes first has to wait for the other with a beer in hand at the finish line, even if you fall asleep waiting...deal?

    1. Deal... You better keep my beer in something cold though!

  2. its going to be cold all night man, don't worry...

  3. Now I know why you post the video. Thanks anyway for sharing some moments are not meant to be perfect.

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