Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - Getting Back on the Horse

Well, I've been slacking a little.  Obviously haven't posted since the Leadville debacle back in August, but I haven't had anything to post.  I took a bit of a break, but then I got a carried away and was focused on moving (that's my excuse), plus I had no races coming up so felt no pressure to train.  This resulted in running 39k in Sept, 57k in Oct, 15k in Nov and 17k in December (that's 128km in 4 months!).   I also did next to no other exercise the whole time.  I was always planning to get started on next season, but I had no goal in mind and wasn't even sure what races I wanted to do, so I just wasn't motivated.  End result, I'm way out of shape.  Ahh, it's the holidays, no biggie.  I had planned to maintain a certain level of all around fitness, but all the fall races conflicted with my schedule so I made no effort.  Meanwhile, other runners I know are still doing 100 milers in Nov and and Jan, while here I am sitting on my ass (nutrition was out the window too).  I really needed something to get me motivated and off my ass, then along came Western States 100 at the end of June.

I'll post more about the race later, but it's a 'wish list' race and tough to get into.  Looks like myself and one other guy are the only runners to get in from Ontario (no pressure!).  The best in the world will be at this race, so I need to step it way up.  The lottery was on Dec 8th (moving day), I've been purposefully taking it easy in Dec knowing I'm going to go at it hard come Jan 1st, and oh shit that's today.

Since moving, I'm still not even sure where all of my running gear is.  I started off today with a 10k trail run in the snow, felt great to get out there.  And yes, I am sore after 1hr on the trails.  I have a lot of work to do, but I'm looking forward to doing it.  Haven't laid out a schedule yet for other training races, let me get my legs back first then I'll figure things out.

Take care,



  1. i can't say i'm not envious of you. WS100 has to be great, enjoy it b/c you never know when you will run it again. see you around and happy new year!