Monday, February 20, 2012

And Here We Go.....

Well, 6 months from this week is Leadville.  4 months from now is Mohican.  Nuff said.  I've been easing into things, adding more trails, more weight sessions, eating better, but time to take it up a notch.

Saturday I had a great run, 20km in hilly slush.  I went to Rouge Valley, but it was a snow/rain mix of crappiness.  I'm still not used to the Rouge, I never seem to know which way I'm going.  I was attempting to run north, which went well for a bit, but after 4km I wound up back where I started!  Awesome.  So off I went again, this time managing to head in the right direction.  Very slow, very wet and some parts icy.  The farther north I went away from the lake, the more it turned to snow instead of rain.

The fartherst point north I reached, I had to cut across someone's property to try and find a trail.  This was a bad move, halfway across their property I suddenly heard a deep loud barking!  I didn't even look, I just turned around and sprinted back, then across the field beside the property (still hearing barking behind me), then through the edge of the woods to a schoolyard I'd passed earlier.  It had a fence with a gate, so I waited at the gate figuring if the dog was nuts enough to still be chasing me (now over 100 yards away from their property), then I'd close the gate and stay in the schoolyard.  Well I waited a few seconds and didn't hear anything so I figured I was ok.  I got impatient and re-entered the woods to head back south along the trail, the opposite way from the area of tresspassation (I just made that word up).  Right away, I heard the dog barking RIGHT behind me!!  WTF!?! I took off like a guy being chased by a dog in the woods, I went flying down the steep trail, actually hoping the dog might wipe out trying to chase me.  I just kept sprinting like mad for a few minutes, I'd gone off the trail and made my own now, but eventually I couldn't hear the barking anymore. Great workout!  On the way through this area earlier, I had noticed large dog foorprints in the snow, but there were no people prints to be found.  Now I knew why, this hellhound must roam these woods eating people and covering their footprints.

Run went great, but due to getting lost and purposely heading off the main path in search of hillier trails, it was very slow taking almost 3hrs to do 20km.  I managed to stay upright until the 19.2km mark, I slipped on my ass and back, sliding down a muddy hill.

Now back to the Joker, time to get to work.  My first race is looking like Pick Your Poison, a 50km up near Orillia at the end of April so just over 2 months away.  I did this one last year, but signed up a few days before the race without training so I'll do better this year.  Lots of hills, good.

I also bought some 10lb weights to start hauling up and down the stairs.  I'm going to skip right past the 5lb and just get right to it.

6 months and counting!!!!

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