Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Still winter....

Well, got some good training in last week.  Started bringing 2 x 10lb weights with me to climb the stairs, did 20 minutes and almost passed out.  Awesome.  Got a good upper body workout in, got a good medium distance run on Wed night (15k) and a longer run on Sunday (33k).

Went out to Sulpher Springs on Sunday.  It was all packed snow, but in the sunny areas it was a slush/mud mix.  The shady areas were usually icy.  I did the first 20k loop pretty hard, just over 2 hrs which is decent in these conditions.  After that I was drenched with sweat and freezing!  At the car I switched my wet shirts, hat and gloves for fresh clothing.  I normally don't sweat that much in the winter by I ran hard.

I had planned to do another 20k loop, but I already arrived later than planned and I was heading up to Guelph right after the run to visit friends so I cut the 2nd loop short to 13k.  I took my time and enjoyed it, stopped to take some pics of the local wildlife.

Look behind you!

I went up and down JT hill 4 times, it was pretty much all ice.  I'd have to grab trees on the way up and down to stay upright.  On one of the descents, I slipped an fell back but landed with my hands behind me and slid, so the next time I did it on purpose.  When I got to the iciest part, I squatted down with my hands behind me and slid down the hill, much safer than running down an ice hill!  All in all, a good fun run.

Yesterday, I weighed myself for the first time in about 2 yrs, not sure why.  I can tell just by my belt size that I've been carrying some extra insulation, but I was at 175!  Last time I weighed myself (summer 2010) I was 165.  I'll get to work and plan to be 165 at the most for Leadville.  Carrying and extra 10lb for 100 miles in the mountains would not be smart.  I won't wait for Leadville, I'll take care of this right away.  So what did I do yesterday to get started?  I took the day off of course and relaxed!  I had planned to hit the gym at lunch but work got in the way.  Then I planned to go for a light run in the evening, took a nap on the couch instead.  Ok, start today!  Work got in the way at lunch again, but I did hit the stairs this morning.  I felt much better on the stairs, not even close to passing out!  Running with the weights to and from the stairs was noticably easier too.  Did 20 minutes again, but it went by fast, I'll increase the time soon.

I'm away on business Wednesday to Friday this week in Vancouver.  I though I'd give the Grouse Grind a try, but then I remembered it's winter!  I'm told it's closed, but forcast is rain the next few days and wouldn't be that enjoyable.  I don't have much free time, so getting a run in is unlikely anyway.  This will be a low mileage week, but I did 73km last week (compared to my usual 15k lately), so no biggie.  I'll fit a long run in next weekend.

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  1. Looks like a decent week of training morgan. I have yet to get the stair workouts into my routine. Will hopefully start them next week. I am going to avoid sulphur until the ice is gone.