Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ooops.... Forgot I'm in Training!

Well, I'd planned to take a down week, that has somehow turned into 2 weeks of nothing!  2 weeks ago, I had my kids for the last few days of March Break and couldn't run.  No biggie, I went hard leading up to it and had planned a mini-break/recovery week.  After March Break, I had a business trip to Cancun for a few days with NO free time.  I brought my running gear along, never left my suitcase.  3 days of buffet meals, no exercise.  The one window of free time we had, my boss decides to have a meeting!  It was a meeing over beers in the Mexico sun, so I wasn't complaining.  When I got home, I then had the kids for the next 4 days, so again, no running!

I finally had some time Sunday evening, I had planned to head to Sulpher, but mid-day I felt slugginsh during a hike with my kids.  We headed to the trails where I trained for HURT, I showed the kids the Stairway to Hell, the old steps I used to run up and down.

My Kids Getting Ready for H.U.R.T. in 2022?

Anyway, I felt crappy so I decided I'd just run in Erindale Park and skip the drive all the way to Ancaster.  Then a little while later when I dropped off the kids I felt even worse, now I'd decided I'll skip the run entirely and go for a bike ride instead.  By the time I got back home, I was full on sick and I flopped on my bed and fell right to sleep at 5pm.  Sick on Monday, stayed home from work, it's now Tuesday night and I'm still recovering but feeling pretty crappy.  It's now been 2 full weeks with no runs, or exercise at all really.  No exactly the plan.

I'll try to get back to it tomorrow.  I've got the kids next few days, but I'll get some lunch runs in and get back to am and pm workouts.  In my current condition I really don't feel up to it, hopefully tomorrow I can get back to it.

On to my next problem, upcoming races (which I don't feel ready for btw). Pick Your Poison 50km is 4 and a half weeks away.  Sounds good, but I had hoped to do Seaton 50 mile 2 weeks after that, but due to scheduling looks like if I want to do a 50 mile in May, it will have to be the much tougher Bear Mountain.  2 problems here: It's 1 week after PYP, so I need to decide whether to skip PYP (which I was really looking forward to), or take it easy and do it with a back to back weekend of Bear Mountain right after it.  The other deterrent is Bear Mountain is in Southeast NY State, 7 to 8hr drive away, which means a day off work, over night at hotel, blah, blah.  Seaton would have been in Pickering 45 minutes away, could sleep in my own bed!  So, no idea what I want to do now, but Bear Mountain will sell out soon so I need to make a decision.  Ugh.

In the meantime, I better get back on the horse, already put on a few pounds in the last 2 weeks of nothingness.

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  1. I did bear a week after PYP last year. NO Problem if you are not racing full on. Why not follow it up with 50k at seaton the following weekend?

    PS . I may drop out of TO marathon to go to Bear after all. Will let you know in the next week when I decide.