Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week in Review: Sep 13th - 19th 2010 (17 weeks to H.U.R.T.)

This week went well, knees felt really good by the end of the week.  No soccer this week, in fact only 1 game left at the end of next week, so it won't get in the way after that.

Mon - 1hr Ebike, light upper body, core

Tues - 8k road, 7k hills
Ran in the morning, then hit the hills at lunch for 7k

Wed - 1h Ebike, core
Slept in, skipped morning run

Thurs - 10k trail, leg workout
Pouring rain for 10k, half of the run was in deep water along flooded trails, but fun!  Legs in the evening.

Fri - off

Sat - 17k trail (hills)
Went to Rattlesnake Point and hit the Bruce Trail.  Finally wore my new shoes which I bought for HURT, Montrail Mountain Masochists, awesome shoes!  Went golfing on a hilly course immediately after my run, walked about another 7k.

Sun - 32k trail
Went back Sulpher Springs, where I ran my first 50 miler back in May.  Got lost everywhere.

Total: 74k (59k trail / 8k road / 7k hills) plus 2hr bike

Quads getting stronger, knees felling better.  I was very happy to try my new shoes, they were great.  I'll be heading back to the Bruce Trail near Rattlesnake and Crawford Lake often.  Some parts are very rocky and pretty much unrunnable, lots of climbs, lots of roots.  This area will be the most similar conditions I can get to Hawaii.  I ran a race called the Iroquois Trail Test here 4 weeks ago, I followed some of the course.

Sulpher Springs on Sunday was an adventure.  The race course I tried to re-trace is a 20km loop, but I managed to turn it into 32km.  I even brought the race map with me, but I got lost numerous times regardless.  I had planned to do 2 loops of 20km each, but I started a little late and after 32km (3h 30min), I had to head home to take the kids to a birthday party.

I attempted to give my piece of shit Timex GPS watch a final chance this weekend to prove that it can actually function, it failed miserably.  It cut out on Sat at Rattlesnake, I tried it again on Sunday at Sulpher, lost the signal again with no clouds in the sky.  Brand new batteries too.  Time to upgrade to a Garmin, I want to be able to keep track of trail runs without guessing the distance.

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