Monday, September 27, 2010

Week in Review: Sep 20th - 26th (16 weeks to HURT)

This week was a bit of a write off, let's just put it down as a recovery week!  Week was actually ok, but I had the kids all weekend and couldn't get my long run in Sat or Sun..  I've actually got the kids until late Wednesday night, so there will be very little running most of next week too, but I'll get a long one in next weekend.  I did have my last soccer game of the season on Saturday, so at least that's out of the way.

Mon - 1hr Ebike, core workout
Tues - 15k road
Wed - 5k road, leg workout
Thurs - 10k trail (am), 8k trail w/ hills (pm)
Fri - off
Sat - Soccer
Sun - off

Total: 38k (20k road/ 18k trail), plus 1 hr ebike plus soccer

I bought a Garmin 305 GPS watch and used it a few times, works great.  Even with lots of cloud cover and light rain on tree covered trails, it still worked.  My Timex GPS will now be a paperweight, if it can even do that properly.  Running the hills can be deceiving, which I learned while running with the Garmin.  I ran on a very hilly trail for an hour on Thurs evening, only came to 8k.  An hour on a more level trail would usually be 12k. This means when I cram runs into my lunch, the mileage won't look as high even though it's a lot more effort running the hills.  Some people start running for time instead of distance on trails, maybe something to consider, but I'm used to keeping track of things with kms.

With soccer finished, I won't have anything to save my legs for so I can hit the hills more and increase my leg workouts next week.  My knees enjoyed the light week, it will be awhile before one of these weeks again!

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