Monday, October 4, 2010

Week in Review: Sep 27th - Oct 3rd (15 Weeks to HURT)

Had a great week, more hills and legwork, really paying off:

Mon - 6k trail w/ hills, leg workout, core workout
Tues - 1hr ebike, upper body workout
Wed - leg workout, core workout
Thurs - 10k trail (am), upper body workout, 8k trail w/ hills (pm)
Fri - core workout
Sat - 10k trail
Sun - 60k trail

Total: 94k (80k trail / 16k trail w/hills)

All of the trails I run have hills, I just mark it as 'trail w/hills' if I do significant hill repeats with lots of extra hills on a trail.

I'm trying to add more hills into the mix, legs and knees are feeling great so it's time.  I've started carrying my Nathan pack and filling it with 2 litres of water, even for short runs.  I like the added weight and I want to be used to running with it on all the time.  Some early morning runs now require me to bring my headlamp along, it's dark on the trails.  I am upgrading to a brighter light, probably later this week.

Had a great run on Sunday.  I went back to Sulpher Springs to do some 20k loops retracing the race properly this time.  It was 5 degrees and raining when I started, but it cleared up later.  I did the first loop by myself, but at the end of this loop I ran into 3 running veterans: John T, the race director for Sulpher Springs (who did HURT this year), Sharon (who also did HURT this year) and John R (who has done Badwater, the toughest race in the world).  I chatted with them for a few minutes, John R was amused that I was going to do HURT for my first 100 miler, but he wished me luck (sarcastic maybe?).

John T was just heading out on his 2nd loop also, so we ran together for a few hours.  This was fantastic for me, I got to pick his brain for all sorts of info about HURT and running in general..  I exchanged emails with him today, he's going to keep me in the loop for some fun runs Monica is putting on this winter (Monica is the only 10 time finisher at HURT).

The 2nd loop with John was slower as he had done a 50k race the day before (Run for the Toad). Now that I think of it, this was the first time I've ever run with someone (not including races).  I 've always done all of training alone. I then did a 3rd loop by myself.  Took almost 7hrs in the end, then I headed right to my son's hockey game and made it just time.

All in all a good week and a great day!

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