Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week in Review: Oct 18th - Oct 24th (12 Weeks to HURT)

This week sucked, big time.  After feeling pain in my shin which started during Vulture Bait, I didn't ice or wrap it the next day, then on Monday I thought I'd try a 10k run to see how it felt.  Bad move, I think I made it worse and it swelled up after the run.  This would be my only run this week.  I started icing it numerous times a day and wrapped a bandage around my lower shin and ankle.  The bandage hurt too much so I switched to wearing compression socks 24hrs a day mid-week.  I've ruled out stress fracture, looks like I've hurt the tendons connecting my tibialis anterior to the top of my foot, or I've damaged the muscle itself.  That's my best guess anyway.  8 days later and it still hurts, but it's been getting better each day.

Mon - 10k trail, upper body workout
Tues - Mtn bike 40 min, light leg workout, core workout
Wed - Ebike 45min, upper body workout
Thurs - Mtn bike 40min, light leg workout, core workout
Fri - upper body workout
Sat - Mtn bike 45min
Sun - off

Total - 10k (trail), plus 2hr 50min bike

This was supposed to be a recovery week with lower mileage, but not 10k!  I dusted off my mountain bike and hit the trails a few times, this didn't hurt my leg at all.  I'm planning to try a run this Tuesday, we'll see how it feels.  I'm supposed to do 6hr Horror Hill on Saturday, hopefully it's feeling better by then.

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