Monday, October 11, 2010

Week in Review: Oct 4th - Oct 10th (14 Weeks to HURT)

This week started off well, but then my weekend got messed up and I didn't get my long run in. Crap.

Mon - off
Tues - 10k trail (am), 10k trail (lunch), upper body workout
Wed - leg workout, core workout
Thurs - 10k trail w/ hills, upper body workout
Fri - off
Sat - 13k trail
Sun - off

Total : 43k (33k trail / 10k trail w/hills)

I was supposed to meet a buddy of mine Thursday night who works at MEC and upgrade my Petzl Tikka XP headlamp to the brighter Petzl MYO, but something came up for him so I went for an evening run instead.  I was still running after dark (with my Tikka XP) and sure enough, I trip over a root I didn't see and wipe out.  There's no way I could use my current light in Hawaii.

On Saturday I headed to Kelso instead of Rattlesnake to check out the trails, but it's not nearly as technical or hilly as Rattlesnake.  Lots of trails to pick from, but most are pretty smooth.  I thought it would have had more hills being along the top of the escarpment, but that's just what it is, the top of the escarpment.  It never really goes up or down with the exception of one corner.  Next time I'll drive the extra 5 minutes and go to Rattlesnake.

I was supposed head back to Sulpher for 40k on Sunday morning, but due to a mis-communication (on someone else's part), I had the kids Sunday and couldn't run.  Had I known this in advance, I could've gone long on Saturday.  So instead of an 83k week, I now have a 43k week.  At least I'm free tomorrow (Monday) so I'll head back to Sulpher and do a long one then, but it will count toward's next weeks numbers.  I didn't want to do a long one tomorrow as I've got a 50k race next Saturday, Vulture Bait in London.  Last year, Vulture Bait was the first trail race or Ultra for me, so it will be fun to head back.  It's the last race of the season for the Ontario Ultra Series so there's a big meal after, should be a good time.  I was planning to take it easy during the race but I've been trash talking with a fellow runner, so now I'll actually have to run!  I also signed up for Horror Hill which is in a few weeks.  It's a 6hr race around a short 2.5km loop.  A little mind numbing, but good mental traning and lots of good people will be there to run with.

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  1. lucky we are having such a great fall
    nice running weather