Monday, October 18, 2010

Week in Review: Oct 11th - Oct 17th (13 Weeks to HURT)

This week was a little different.  Only ran 3 times, but totalled 120km.

Mon - 60k trail
Tues - off
Wed - leg workout, core workout
Thurs - 10k trail
Fri - off
Sat - 50k trail race
Sun off

Total: 120k (trail)

Last weekend I didn't get to do a long run, so on Thanksgiving Monday I went out and did a 60km run at Sulpher Springs.  It was miserable. I wasn't feeling well but I was mad that I didn't get a long run in on the weekend, so I went anyway.  I was popping Halls the whole time and it rained ALL day.  It started to rain right as I arrived.  The first 20k loop was light rain, the sun even peeked through for some nice sun showers, so I changed out of my wet long sleeve into a dry tank top for loop 2.  Bad move, it clouded over and a downpour started.  Near the end of the loop, the temp felt like it dropped 10 degrees.  It was thunder and lighting, I had to stop under trees a few times when the rain got too heavy.  When I got back to the car after loop 2, I had some hot soup and changed into dry clothes, the rain looked like it would let up so I made myself go out for loop 3.  Of course the downpours started again and I got drenched.  Ran for almost 7hrs, froze my ass off and then was stuffed up all week with a cold.

I only did a 10k during the week, my legs were tired from the 60k and I had a 50k race coming up on Sat, Vulture Bait in London, ON.  On Thursday I got my new Petzl MYO XP headlamp, MUCH brighter than my current Petzl Tikka XP.  Haven't had a chance to test it on a trail yet, I'll get out there this upcoming week.

All in all a good week, didn't get many workouts in and no hill work while my legs recovered from the Monday run and I then I saved them for VB on Sat.  I'm in good shape after VB, the only thing hurting is my right shin.  I didn't hit it, I think the muscle is just exhausted, it was hurting bad for the last hour.  I was actually a little worried it could be a stress fracture (it really hurt last night), but I've read that stress fractures hurt to the touch and this doesn't.  I'm sure it will feel better in a few days.  Next weekend will be a break with no really long run, so this will be a recovery week of sorts.

I'll post a race report for Vulture Bait separately.

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