Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week in Review: Nov 15th - Nov 21st (8 Weeks to HURT)

Good week, I finally ran again!  Got a little carried away on Sunday though and did 31k instead of my planned 20k.  Shin was sore near the end, but not too bad.

Mon - 8k trail, 30 min stairs, upper body workout
Tues - 30 min ebike, 45 min stairs, leg workout
Wed - 30 min ebike, upper body workout, core workout
Thurs - 10k trail, 45min stairs, 30 min ebike
Fri - 30 min ebike
Sat - 12k trail
Sun - 31k trail

Total: 61k trail, plus 2hrs stairs, plus 2hrs bike

Monday's 8k run my first in 2 weeks.  When I land on my heel and my foot smacks down, that;s what hurts the tendons.  Taking long strides makes my foot do this when landing, as does running downhill (not steps, just steep angled hills).  So, to alleviate this, I ran on my toes and some midfoot so that my heels don't land first.  I also took short strides.  The combination of these made for a very slow run, but pretty much pain free.

On Thurs, I increased to 10k and did the same thing, but I also ran downhills backwards so that I'm on my toes.  After this run , my calves and Achilles was getting sore from all the use (including a few sessions on the stairs), but at least my shins were getting a rest.  I did pretty much the same thing for my 12k on Saturday.  At this point I was very happy my shins weren't throbbing after the run, things were going well.

On Sunday, I headed up to Silvercreek Conservation Area.  I brought a map of the trails along, but that didn't stop me from getting lost numerous times.  I'm getting lost in Hawaii for sure.  When I started out, I wound up at back at my car after 9k, I thought I was heading north for the last few km but was actually retracing most of the route in the opposite direction and didn't even notice.  Coming form the opposite way I didn't recognize the same trail I'd run a little while earlier!  It snowed a bit in the last hour, so it covered the trail and that's my excuse. When I suddenly appeared at the car (thinking I was an hour away from it), then it all made sense.  I didn't even stop at the car, I was mad at myself and turned right around to run back to where I should've turned awhile earlier.  Trails were great, some very technical and rock parts.

I did a big loop on the Bruce trail and a side trail, came back to the car after 20k.  I had some munchies and then headed east along the Bruce and over to Terra Cotta Conservation Area.  I didn't like running here, the trials a big, wide, smooth and people friendly.  Much more used than the more remote rocky trails at Silvercreek, I won't be coming back to Terra Cotta.  After 26k, my shin started throbbing.  When my mind drifts I forget to run on my toes, plus Terra Cotta had some long gradual downhills that were hurting my shin.  I started running most of them backwards, that felt much better on my shin.

All in all a very productive week.  I was able to run (there's a positive!) and get more mileage than I'd planned.  Looks like my shin will be sore for awhile longer, but it's definitely better than before and I can't wait any longer to get on with some proper training and get the mileage up.  So I'll keep running on my toes, taking short strides and running backwards downhill.  At least this way I can keep running, and my calves should be killer strong after all this.

Next week will be a challenge, I have the kids most of the week so it will be hard to fit runs in, then my office is off to Pittsburgh for the weekend so I'm not sure how much running I can get in there either.

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