Monday, November 29, 2010

Week in Review: Nov 22nd - Nov 28th (7 Weeks to HURT)

Not a good week running-wise.  I had the kids most of the week so it was a challenge to get runs in, but I managed.  I was away in Pittsburgh for the weekend, managed to get running in there but it sucked and I'm in pain now.

Mon - 30min ebike, upper body workout
Tues - 17k trail, 30min ebike, 30min stairs
Wed - 9k trail
Thurs - 30min ebike
Fri - 30min ebike
Sat - 31k road/trail
Sun - 8k treadmill

Total: 65k (37k trail, 20k road, 8k treadmill)

Tuesday's 17k was a night run, I need to get more of these in so I'm more accustomed to trail running in the dark.  I got home at 830pm, then got up at 4am Wed morning to a do morning run in the dark (I had to be at work early for a client event, bad timing).  Saw some raccoons and a few deer out there, the eyes light up in dark when the light hits them so they really stand out.

My office went to Pittsburgh for the weekend, we got there Fri night and stayed out late consuming much alcohol, I was in no condition to get up in the morning to run.  I headed out in the afternoon, but the nearest park with trails, Schenley Park, was about 5k away (I made a detour to stop at a running store and added a few more kms).  I ran around the trails for awhile then headed east to Frick Park.  I was feeling like shit, I almost puked a few times, maybe from the festivities the night before.  I didn't wear enough and I was shivering at this point.  My shin was absolutely killing me now.  Way to much road (should've planned this a little better), plus the higher heel in my road shoes made it worse.  I started running all of the downhills backwards, but eventually this hurt like hell too.  All in all a horrible experience. I had planned to go longer but I felt sick, my shin was ready to be amputated, I kept getting lost, and I had to be back to the hotel soon as we were going out to dinner.  A very slow, crappy run, took almost 4hrs to do 31km.  Probably 20k road and 11k trail.  Stupid.

The next morning I got up early before our bus home and tried a treadmill for the first time EVER.  Hopefully the last time EVER.  I hated it.  As soon as I started I was waiting for it to end.  It had a little TV mounted on it, but you can't focus on anything while bouncing up and down.  Again, went crazy with shin pain.  I set it on incline the whole time to alleviate some of the pain, but the heel is way too high in my road shoes and this didn't help much.  I dropped my towel almost wiped out trying to pick it up.  I had a cup of water, tried to drink it while running, I just spilled it all over the controls.  Did 8km, was supposed to do 10 but I started late and was hating it so I cut it short.

So, here we are.  Shin is feeling like crap again, this is not going well.  Absolutely NO more road running, I'd be better served to find stairs than do that again, I've set back shin healing.  Numbers should have been higher this week, but I had the kids every night and morning during the week except for Tues night and Wed morning, so I ran then.  Was supposed to get a few more in at lunch on Thurs, but had meetings most of the day and couldn't get out.  Sat run in Pittsburgh should have been longer, but that hell had to stop early.  Not sure what this coming week will be like, but I'm looking forward to some trail shoes and hills!

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