Monday, December 6, 2010

Week in Review: Nov 29th - Dec 5th (6 Weeks to HURT)

Ouch.  Shin still sore, I'm just getting used to running in pain now.  Pretty good week, finished off with a great run on Sunday with some other runners.

Mon - off
Tues - 9k trial, 45min stairs, upper body workout, core workout
Wed - 30min ebike
Thurs - 22k trail, 30min stairs, 30min ebike
Fri - 30min ebike
Sat - 10k trail
Sun - 39k trail

Total: 80k trail / 1h 15min stairs / 1.5hr ebike

My shin was starting to feel pretty good until Sunday's run.  After watching about 1000 instructional youtube videos, I finally figured out a way to tape my lower leg that helps relieve pressure from my shin.  I'm using athletic tape for now, but I need to find some kinesio tape which has a little stretch to it.  The first time I taped it this way, it felt MUCH better right away.  So now I have to tape my leg before every run until this gets better.  Even taped up, after 30k on Sunday it still got really bad.  So after 30k and it starts killing me at HURT, I'll just have another 130k to go to the finish, no problem.

Most of my runs are in the dark now, so it's much slower.  I'm getting used to seeing so many eyes staring back at me in the dark.  Thursday night I saw at least 10 deer.  Sometimes they don't move away much from the trail, they're used to people I guess.  I make some noise and scare them off, I don't like to get too close in case I  come across a mother with young around.  Would be a good fight though.

Sunday was great.  I was invited along for one Monica's fun runs.  Monica Scholz hosts a fun run once a month over the winter at the Sulpher Springs race course in Ancaster.  If you don't know Monica, she holds the record for the most 100 mile races in one year at 25, which she just set last weekend.  The previous record was 23, which she also set back in 2001.  Last week was the 111th 100 mile race she's done. She's also done HURT more times than anyone, she's finished it the last 10 years in a row and she'll be back when I go in January.  Here's an article from last week: Hamilton Spectator Scholz Article

Most of the people at the run have done 100 milers, a few had done HURT also.  I bugged Monica and some others for more info and tips, it's so helpful to talk to people who've done it.

The run started at 6am, which means I had to leave my house by 5am, so I had to get up at 3:30am.  I think I slept about 4hrs.  There were about 8 of us running at 6am to do a 20k loop.  More people showed up at 9am for the next loop if they only wanted to do 20km, maybe 15 people or so total now.  Monica's dad even sets up an aid station 'Scholzy's Deli' every few km.  He pulls up in his SUV, then had a table waiting for us with a propane heater, hot apple cider, various drinks and all sorts of munchies, a full table!  After we leave he packs it all up and meets us again later on the course.  I think it was 5 times per 20k loop.  Very nice of him to do this, I'm sure he's got better things to do at 6am on Sunday (like sleeping)!

It was very casual and slow, which is good for my shin.  After the first 20k, my shin was aching but not too bad.  The 2nd loop was a little faster, so at about 35km it was the worst, very very painful.  I can't imagine 100 miles on it the way it is now.  I found a way to run landing on my toes which felt much better after this.  Wound up being 39k according to my GPS, but took just under 6hrs, not exactly a record.  Had a great time chatting with all the other runners though.

After the run, Monica has everyone over to her house for a meal, she just lives a few minutes down the road.  About 8 people or so came back to her place, some hot chili really hit the spot!  Her hospitality to everyone was great along with her family. Her parents also came and visited with everyone.  Very, very nice people.

So, my shin is FUBAR and doesn't seem to be getting better.  The taping definitely helps, but I was hoping it would have felt better than it did after a slow 39k.  This coming week will be low mileage as I've got the kids all weekend.  My shin will thank me though.  I'm going to try to get my hands on some kinesio tape, see if I can tape this thing properly.

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