Monday, November 15, 2010

Week in Review: Nov 8th - Nov 14th (9 Weeks to HURT)

This was my 2nd week in a row with no running, but I did get plenty of biking, stepping and a hike which I ran a little on.  Shin is improving, but everything is still up in the air, and I'm running out of time!

Mon - 30 min ebike, light leg workout
Tues - 45 min ebike, 30 min stairs
Wed - 30 min ebike
Thurs - 1hr ebike, core workout
Fri - 45min stairs, 50 min mountain bike
Sat - 10k hike
Sun - 1hr ebike, core workout

Total: 10k hike, 4hr 35min biking, 1hr 15min stairs

Well I biked everyday in some form except for Sat.  On Saturday, I headed up to Silvercreek Conservation area.  I was hoping that I could use these trails for some night runs, so I thought I'd check them out in daylight first.  It was much rockier and more technical at times than I was expecting.  This is great for some technical trail, but I really shouldn't be running out here at night by myself, I'd be asking for trouble.  I also couldn't get cell phone reception, so wouldn't be a good idea.  I'll head up here during the day though, some nice trails.

I hiked for 10k, even mixed in a few short running spurts.  This didn't feel good on my shin though, so I kept it the running to a minimum, not even enough to count this as a run.

I went to 'The Steps' a couple times, just walked up and down the 97 steps for 30min and another day 45min.  I plan to increase this as it doesn't hurt my shin and it's great training for the hills in Hawaii.
This coming week I'll try some short runs, hopefully everything will feel ok and I can increase to longer runs by the weekend.  2 months to go!  I need about 6....

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