Sunday, January 9, 2011

End of Training

Well, that's it!  I leave for Hawaii in 2 days, I'm as ready as I can be.  I happy with how training went, considering my shin trouble right in the middle of it.  Many areas could have been better, mileage was never as high as it should be, but I did all I could with my schedule.  I tried to make up for lack of mileage with lots of stair climbing when my shin was bad.  I started slacking in my non-running workouts near the end, but mentally I'd had enough and I knew I was almost done.  I'll work up the same training later, but after HURT it won't as intense for awhile, I'll relax for a bit. I need to focus on some non-running issues which I've been putting off, it's time to get stuff done around here.

I've done all I could to get my body ready, but at the same time I've been preparing mentally.  I'm not even thinking about quitting or not finishing, even though I know the odds are against me and there are others who don't think I can do it.  I'm always thinking positive, and I'm already visualizing myself crossing the finish line.

For some extra motivation, I sent a message to the webiste of Dean Karnazes 'Ultramarathon Man'.  Reading Dean's book 'Confessions of an All Night Runner' just over 2 yrs ago is what got me into running.  Dean's accomplished running feats that are unbelievable (like running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days!).  He's always been an inspiration.  Not sure what made me do it but on a whim I sent a message to his site with a brief history of my running and telling him about how I'm in a little over my head with HURT, and I asked for any words of encouragement he might have.  I didn't know if he would even get it, but I was shocked when he promptly sent me an email with some great advise and encouraging words.  This was a little surreal for me, I've got his book on the shelf in front of me and pictures of him on my wall and I'm reading an email from him!  Very nice of him to take the time.  I emailed him back to thank him and he sent me another message telling me to let him know how it goes.  So not only is everyone I know going to be waiting to hear how I do, but now Karno too!  There's no way I can wuss out now...

I'll also send an email to lots of people with a link to the race tracker so I'll keep in mind how many people are watching the results in case I ever feel like giving up.

So I've got all the motivation I can muster, I've got my body as ready as I could, and I've spoken to many people who've done HURT before to get as much info and as many tips as possible.  I guess I'm as ready as can be!  I bought all my Powerbar gels and Eload drink powder last week, along with a new belt which holds 2 bottles 22 ounces each.  I've got lots of salt pills and I also bought a bottle of electrolyte pills this week. Also grabbed a brighter flashlight and a clip to mount my 2nd headlamp to my belt, should be plenty of light.  I'm still not sure what I'm doing for food or if I'll just eat what's available at the aid stations.

I may post a little more while I'm there, but if not then my next post will be after the race!


  1. Morgan you need a picture for your race tracker

    Looking forward to following you thru the race

    Have Fun

  2. Congrats Morgan

    you ran an amazing race
    you should be very proud

  3. Way to go MO!!!! You Did it!

    The entire 100 miles and finished in the top 25.


    Bruce & Dorothy Ehgoetz