Monday, January 3, 2011

Week in Review: Dec 27th - Jan 2nd (2 Weeks to HURT)

Not a bad week running, but I've been slacking big time with my workouts.  Better than slacking in the running department I guess.  I was supposed to do 60km the previous Sunday, but I did it Tuesday of this week instead so numbers are high, but not when you average it out with the week before.

Mon - off
Tues - 60k trail
Wed - off
Thurs - off
Fri - 10k trial
Sat - off
Sun - 40k trail

Total: 110km trail

On Tuesday I went back out to Sulpher for 60km.  Felt good, shin hasn't been bothering me.  I could feel it near the end, but not pain.  I ran into Monica Scholz and Phil out on the trail, she mentioned they were having another fun run on Sat at 9am if I want to come out.  Sat was Jan 1st, so they made it 9am instead of the usual 40k at 6am.  I had the kids so wasn't able to anyway. There'll be another in Feb I'll go to if I can still walk!

Sunday was back to Sulpher again for another 40km, at least I'm really getting used to the course.  I'll probably do the 100 miler here at the end of May, but not sure yet.

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